Man praised for ‘no-nonsense’ reaction to passenger removing shoes during flight

Plane etiquette is a surprisingly controversial area, with lots of unwritten rules.

There are eternal debates on what’s acceptable – for instance, should you recline your seat if it’s going to encroach on the person behind you? (Many would argue, no you shouldn’t.)

Another hot topic in the travel etiquette debate is passengers stripping off their shoes and socks.

Many travellers are firmly opposed, while others claim it isn’t a problem.

One passenger wasn’t impressed after a fellow traveller not only went barefoot but then also stuck their feet on the man’s armest.

Mr Walker’s video went viral after he filmed himself tipping water over the person’s feet in a bid to get them to move.

In the viral video, which has been seen nearly four million times, the man explained: “Had to do something.”

As the fellow passenger rests their foot on the man’s armrest, the man tips a bottle of water, prompting the barefoot enthusiast to withdraw swiftly.

The video on TikTok from the Walker Brothers racked up more than ten thousand comments, as many praised the traveller for his handling of the situation.

One person commented: “Right on. I’m so tired of people and their lack of respect for others.”

Another joked: “I would have locked hands with it wouldn’t have let go no matter how hard they pulled. It’s my foot now.”

“I can’t even imagine having that level of audacity to put my foot on a stranger’s armest like HOW,” asked another.

But others weren’t so sure, as one commented: “I would turn around and just say it, not nicely.”

Another said: “I would have just lifted the armest to fix that.”

A third added: “Just talk to the person.”