Primark puts an end to the debate on how to properly pronounce the store’s name

Primark has established itself as one of our national treasures – but it appears there is a furious debate raging on behind the scenes of the bargain buys.

Its loyal fanbase of shoppers have likely never given a second thought to the pronunciation of the store’s name, but it turns out that shoppers are actually split on how it should be said.

In a post to the one million members of the Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas Facebook group, one customer blew the issue wide open, after seeing a previous message asking about the correct pronunciation of the word almond.

They asked: “How do you pronounce Primark? (The clothes store). I thought everyone said it the same until yesterday when I heard someone call it Pr-E-Mark, I say Pr-I-Mark. Which is right?”

Many people flooded the comments to argue it was ‘Pr-eye-mark’, but not everyone agreed, as one wrote: “Pree-mark because we enjoy messing perfectly pronounceable words up in Northern Ireland.”

And it appeared location was a factor in the argument, as someone from South Wales said it was also known as ‘Preemark’ to them.

Some confused things even further by calling it Penneys, and the only version that everyone was able to come to a unanimous agreement on was Primani.

Over on TikTok, ex-Primark employee @Pontasaurus tried to have the final say by stating that it should be pronounced Pr-eye-mark, not Pree-mark – and anyone who disagrees is simply wrong.

And, thankfully, Primark itself has even weighed in to clarify its own pronunciation, which we are taking as the definitive answer.

The shop has been forced to create a special page on its website to deal with the huge issue, where it states: “How do you pronounce Primark? That’s a very good question. We like to use Pr-Eye-Mark.”

Settled. If you are a lifelong Preemark kind of person, know that you have been wrong for years, accept defeat and move on graciously.