Ubisoft pulls Might and Magic 10 – Legacy from sale after DRM server shutdown backlash

Ubisoft has pulled Might & Magic 10 – Legacy from sale following a backlash to its server shutdown.

Might & Magic 10: Legacy, a role-playing game released back in 2014, was recently included in a list of older games for which Ubisoft had decided to end online support. By doing so, however, Ubisoft also appeared to shut down DRM servers for the game – leaving some unable to access significant portions of its single-player content and its DLC.

And, as Emma reported last month, despite these issues, the game and its DLC were left on sale. No more.

On Might & Magic 10: Legacy’s Steam page is a note to say Ubisoft requested the game be pulled:

While this change means new players won’t end up buying a broken game, it does nothing to help existing customers who still do not have access to single-player content and its DLC. The Steam review-bombing has continued – recent reviews are now “very negative” – and Ubisoft has yet to comment on the de-listing (we’ve asked).