Man shares his nan’s funny but clever life-hack that makes moving house easier

A man has shared his grandmother’s funny but clever life-hack that makes moving house so much easier – and it’s so simple you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it sooner.

TikTok star Cal Vission was helping his grandmother move house and when he arrived at her new flat he was surprised to see pages from a newspaper strewn all over the floor.

But then he did a double take, and realised that the paper was laid out in different sizes and distinct shapes – and then he realised, she had made a template for each bit of furniture.

She had then laid them out exactly where she wanted them, so she could get everything in just the right spot before moving everything in.

Sharing the trick on TikTok, Cal said: “I just want to say this is genius.

“My grandma is moving to a new apartment and she’s cut out newspaper in the shape of all of her furniture, to lay out her new house without having to actually move her furniture.”

Uploaded on Sunday, July 4, Cal’s video has already had 1.8 million views, alongside 165,000 likes and hundreds of comments – with many praising the technique.

One person said: “You’re telling me I don’t have to measure everything and scale everything out with grid paper to see where it would fit?”

While a second user added: “Well, this is genius.”

And a third wrote: “Older people can still teach us younger ones a few new tricks.”

Meanwhile, a ‘genius’ mum has been praised for her washing line hack that doubles the amount of clothes you can fit on it.

Lauren Mottershed, a member of the group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, showed her fellow parents how using hangers could help them fit their entire family’s washing on the line.

And in other news, an expert has warned that a trick to get children eating eggs could make them very sick.

TikTok user Alexandra Bewicke had a unique way of getting her child to eat eggs, where she puts eggs into the freezer until they are frozen – then she takes them out and slices them into pieces before popping them into a frying pan.

She said they then resemble mini fried eggs and her child loves them, but people have commented on the post to say it made their children sick – and now an expert has warned against the technique.