My dad married someone two years older than me and expects me to call her mum’

A family was left divided after a woman insisted she wasn’t raised by her stepmother – who is only two years older than her.

Sharing her story on Reddit, the woman, 28, said that her dad, 48, is married to a woman who is just 30-years-old, and due to that the two women have never seen eye to eye.

But eventually they learned to live with the unusual situation, until one day the stepmother made a joke about grounding the younger woman, before adding it was ‘definitely hard to raise three kids at 19’.

The woman couldn’t contain her rage at that comment and laughed in the other woman’s face, before setting her straight, and now the family have been left divided by the incident.

In the original post, the woman said: “Last Thursday, my friend Tammy was hosting a mommy and me swim party thing because she just got a pool put in.

“I have gone to great lengths to ignore that she’s my step mum while we’re around these people. I haven’t brought it up and neither has she.

“We were all in the pool and when I got up to go grab a drink she asked me if I could get her one I jokingly said ‘no’.

“We all laughed and she said, ‘it’s times like these where I wish I could still ground you’. Our friends looked confused and she mentioned the fact that she was my stepmom.”

The woman added that she had two younger brothers, who are both 25, and also both had left home as soon as possible, and the stepmother believes she helped raise them too.

She continued: “I laughed. She looked caught off guard and I said, ‘I moved out a year after you moved in and my brothers followed when they turned 18’.

“She looked hurt but laughed it off and made an excuse to leave. I thought all was good until my dad called me later that day to tell me that was an a*e thing to say.

“He said I hurt her feelings and embarrassed her and she felt that I ‘finally respected her as a mother after all these years before this’. I then laughed and hung up.”

After sharing her story on Reddit, other internet users rushed to the woman’s defence, saying that her dad’s wife was out of line.

One said: “Wow, I can’t imagine being a 17-year-old and seeing your father with someone that was barely legal and the same age as you.

“First off, your father is kind of gross for that and I am so sorry you had to endure that.

“Second, she had no part in raising you at all and she knows that, so I am confused as to why she is pushing being a mother figure for you.

“She is pushing a narrative that is clearly not true and you had every right to put her in her place. I will never understand men like your father, but I would love to know how your younger brothers feel about their relationship.”

A second user agreed and added: “She decided to get clever, you put her in her place. She tried a power play and it failed spectacularly. At the end of the day, she’s just embarrassed, not your problem, you didn’t start the conversation, you just ended it.”